Creating Quality Content

It’s been said a million times because it’s true. Content is king. The single most important thing anyone can do to help them rise in SER (search engine ranking) is to create and/ or deliver quality content. In fact, a website could make absolutely no effort to enhance SEO factors and still be incredibly popular if it just has excellent content. Why? Because the visitors will still come, recommend the site to others, link to it, write articles about it, essentially do all the SEO work for it.

This often gets overlooked, but it’s the foundation for online success. The more value a website has to users, the more traffic it gets, the more time visitors spend there, the more others will link to it, the more click-throughs happen, the lower the bounce rate (visitors leaving after seeing the landing page)… everything is made better by having good content on a website.

Google prides itself on developing a complex algorithm with over 200 variables that attempts to match searchers with websites that have the content they’re looking for. This means Google really cares about user-friendly sites with high authority content delivering on the search terms they say they’re delivering on. This also means that Google does not like sites that are stuffed with keywords and provide little or no real value to the user. In fact, Google does not like such sites, and this gets into Black Hat SEO practices which we’ll discuss in a moment. To make Google happy, you want to create websites with excellent content that make users happy, plus you can use the White Hat tips I’m about to share.

Google keeps space open for search results that have not been paid for. This is excellent news! Sponsored ads run on the side of the search results page. Sometimes a few paid ads also run at the top of the main body (shaded with a different background color), but the rest are free, organically produced search results. Again this means that anybody can get to page one and Google actually leaves room for them at the top.

First and foremost, your goal should be to provide a valuable user experience. And so here’s the opening Get On Google Front Page Step to take:

GOGFP Step #1. Provide great content. Make your website the very best it can be so others will visit, spend time, share and link to it.

This is easier said than done. Obviously it’s critical to optimize the items within your own control. The text must read well and be informative or entertaining. The images should be real eye-catchers. Video must be interesting and typically not too long. Everything that you provide must be at its very best. But what else can you do?

Here’s a brief list of things you can add to a site to create more quality for any visitor:

  • Link to existing articles on your subject. Find supplemental information and provide it as a helpful gesture. Places like EzineArticles are perfect for this and allow reuse with proper crediting.
  • Add video whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Most people like having their videos shared as long as it’s clear they are credited for it.
  • Include interviews with authorities in the field or people of interest.
  • Create a forum page encouraging questions and/ or answers for anything related.
  • Offer a Links page to other webmasters for mutual benefit, especially those that complement your work. It’s like partnering with others who can help reciprocally.
  • Include a database for further research.
  • Add widgets that are informative or entertaining. The Blog Widgets is a good place for that.

Make an effort to provide visitors with as much value, information, entertainment, they will stay at your site, enjoy it, subscribe to it, recommend it and link to it. That alone will make your SEO life so much easier.

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