How To Get More Visitors To Your WordPress Website

If you are wondering how you can get more visitors to your WordPress site, then this website will offer you some good information and advice. WordPress is an easy to use content management system. I will show you how to properly build and structure your authority website. Great valuable content is one of the ways to generate online traffic. I will discuss how to write proper content that ranks under exact and related keywords. Without ranking your website on the search engine result pages, you will be missing out on a lot of free organic traffic. Understanding how to create great content will help you become successful in your online endeavors. A well-optimized site with great content will also get shares and quality links from across the internet.

We will discuss how to optimize your site properly in order to rank on search engine results pages. Since search engines are usually focused on helping searchers to find the right information, you have to optimize your site well to match with what people are searching for. Optimizing will involve choosing keywords with great search volume and those that are easy to rank. This book will focus mostly on how to achieve better rankings on Google search engines as this is the most popular and leading search engine on the planet.

In addition, I will also discuss how to get traffic from social media sites e.g. Facebook, and Twitter. Here are the different areas we will focus on:

Picking An Authority Website Domain Name

Your website domain name is how your visitors will find and share your site on the online platform and even when they are also offline. The first step when creating an authority site is to perform thorough research to ensure that your target market is big as opposed to small niches that are difficult to expand along the way. For instance, picking a domain name such as “” means that you have chosen to go for a small niche as opposed to choosing a domain such as “” that will allow you to discuss a variety of gates such as those for kids, pets, or industrial.

Exact Match Domains and Partial Match Domains

Exact Match Domains are those names that match exactly the keyword you would like your website to rank for. For instance, if you want to rank for the keyword “baby retractable gate” an exact match domain would be “”.

Partial Match Domains are names that combine part of the keyword name with another name or service. For instance, if you want to rank for the keyword “baby retractable gate” a partial match domain would be “”.

Site owners and the public at large prefer exact match and partial match domains since such sites used to rank very easily, generating traffic in a short period of time after being launched. This has changed since the Google Domain Algorithm update in October 2012. This means that these domains no longer get the extra boost they used to get.

Furthermore, use of an exact match or partial match domain may at times lead to over-optimization, especially when you over-use the keyword in most of your posts and pages or when people link back to your site using the keyword as the anchor text. Over-optimization is usually a signal that Google uses to penalize sites.

Brand-able Domains

Brand-able domains are names that do not match any of the keyword terms. These domains do not look spammy in the eyes of Google and there is minimal risk of over-optimizing.

For example, if you want to rank for the keyword “baby retractable gate”a brand-able domain to use would be “”, where you can discuss all types of safety baby gates. It is very easy to build “”, as an authority site and add all other kids products. I recommend that you brainstorm and come up with a brandable domain name that is short, easy to spell and easy for visitors to remember.

It is important to search for a .com extension as this extension is usually regarded by most web visitors as the norm. It is also one of the most popular extensions. It is also likely to get your website the type-in traffic when a searcher inserts “. com” to their search term.

Choose from 5 to 10 letter names that can convey the strategic goal or purpose of your site. Avoid choosing hyphens and numbers on domain names, since it is difficult for visitors to remember them. Avoid domains that are used by others, trademarked, or copyrighted as these can lead to a legal battle likely to cost a fortune.

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